Custody Battle Myth #4: “With divorce so common, “the children won’t be embarrassed by ours.”

This is the 4th of 8 myths voiced by parents David and Laura Sherwood in #TalktoStrangersFilm to rationalize their custody litigation. As the story proceeds, we  see how much the kids are humiliated and compromised by the process.

Nick is humiliated at being taken off the football field by Laura to meet with the attorney for the minor children (04:47) [1] , and again when he returns to try on the last team jersey left, which is ridiculously large (07:30). We also see Nick trying to conceal a stuffed animal from Family Services Officer Ms. Castillo during her home visit (13:21).  Even courthouse security procedures cause Emily discomfiture (15:30).

In isolation, these incidents are hardly calamities.  But the cumulative effect of them can be. And that’s especially true when you add in the more serious compromising situations the children face such as when Nick suddenly has to explain to David, his preference to live with Laura (17:01), and Emily is asked if it was David who told her that the custody battle was Laura’s fault (09:34).

[1] References are to the film time code. The Talk to Strangers professional version includes, besides the film and parents’ guide, a “Quick Reference Index.” That Index is organized around the eight myths of custody litigation, providing time code references to pertinent sections of the film. The DVD version of the film is chaptered to ease navigation during instructional use.
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