What's So Funny About Divorce?

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What’s So Funny About Divorce?

Not much.  And yet here and there on this site, you may find some humor and nonsense.  It might startle you.  It might annoy you.  But hopefully, it will make you laugh.  Because laughing reduces stress.

Research reported in The American Journal of Medical Science and The Journal of Clinical Oncology suggests that laughter causes the release of pain-controlling endorphins in the brain.  And stress-related hormones appear to decrease during episodes of laughter.  It’s true!  You could look it up!  Just pull out your copy of Volume 23 of The Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The health benefits of laughter have been acknowledged everywhere from the Book of Proverbs (17:22) to The American Cancer Society website.  There’s even a psychology periodical called The Humor and Health Journal that features articles like “The Dadaistic Roots of Therapeutic Humor” and “Treating Gelotophobia with Humordrama.”  I don’t know about you, but I’m laughing already!

There isn’t a whole lot of fun in divorce. So give yourself a break and laugh once in a while.  You need to stay in practice for your divorce after-life.  And more important, laughing is good for you.

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