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From Before They Were Born – A Word To Grandparents

From before they were born, we strove to do what was best for our children.  We diligently, sometimes even obsessively, researched choices.  Recall how important it was to choose the right doctor.  The right school.  A special birthday gift.  The wedding photographer.  Armed with what we learned, we raised our families the best we knew how.  We provided for our children with the best we could afford.  And now that we are grandparents, we want the best for the next generation as well.

One of the most painful experiences we may face is the divorce of a child.  And this is especially so if there are disputes over the grandchildren.  We can offer information and guidance to our own child, but how can we protect our grandchildren?  We don’t want to interfere.  We don’t want our child to spend exorbitantly on the process.  So how can we help?

The short film Talk to Strangers can be the answer.  Because it shows the custody process, it is far more powerful than anything a lawyer can say about what actually happens to children when divorcing parents can’t agree about them.

Talk to Strangers gets right to the heart of the custody process in an intimate and poignant way that any viewer can not only understand but feel as well.  It was created to show parents that there are very serious consequences to throwing their family into the legal process, even when that process operates as it is intended.  It has convinced parents to stop fighting over their children and work out their differences.  It can do the same for your grandchildren.

As a parent, and now a grandparent, Talk to Strangers and it’s companion Parent’s Guide provide the best advice you can offer your child—and the most valuable gift you can give to your grandchildren.

Deb Grover, Attorney at Law
Co-producer, Talk to Strangers

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