Why YOU, not a Judge, Should Resolve Child-Related Dispute

slide1Most parents continue to co-parent their children after divorce. Absent circumstances where children are at risk, parents have the responsibility to put the their children first by working out a parenting plan that is in the children’s interests.

If you are unable to resolve children’s issues with your co-parent, a judge will. There are a number of reasons to avoid that:

➢ The custody evaluation process can humiliate, frighten and compromise your children, and cause them enduring emotional harm.

➢ Custody cases are tremendously expensive. Parents must not only pay their own lawyers, but they may also have to pay attorneys to represent their children and/or guardians ad litem who are appointed in custody cases for children who are too young to express their feelings and preferences.

➢ Trial outcomes are extremely difficult to predict.

➢ A judge’s orders after trial rarely contain the crucial details that parents need in their agreements.

Spare your children the ordeal of the court custody evaluation process.  Seek the help of a mediator (including those available through the court system at little or no cost) to help you make sound decisions for your children.


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