Why is There so Much Bad Divorce Advice out There?

Larry Sarezky, Esq.

why-is-thereThe good news is there is a wealth of advice about divorce available.

The bad news is there is a wealth of advice about divorce available.

Much of the advice you receive as you move through your divorce will come from friends and family, members of divorce support groups, and thousands of blogs, articles, and official-looking though quite often inaccurate websites.  Advice from these sources is of limited value because it is offered:

  • • With no knowledge, and/or little understanding, of the facts of your case
  • • With no knowledge, and/or little understanding, of the relevant laws of your state
  • • By friends and family members who care dearly about you—and whose advice is biased as a result
  • • By folks who will care dearly about you (momentarily) if you buy their on-line products or services, help promote their causes, or “like,” “follow,” or listen to them grouse about their own divorce experiences

In deciding whether to accept a piece of advice about your divorce, ask yourself if it is:

  • • Offered by a local qualified divorce professional who knows your circumstances
  • • Designed to help you achieve your goals, or just to make you feel better
  • • Consistent with goals that are important to you such as
  • • Protecting your children from the conflict with your spouse
  • • Reaching a fair result as efficiently as possible

There’s no substitute for advice from a local divorce lawyer, divorce coach or certified divorce financial analyst who can give you sound counsel regarding the divorce maze.  Even if you don’t feel you can afford to retain a divorce lawyer, invest in a consultation to learn about options such as alternative dispute resolution and “unbundled representation” that can get you quality assistance at less expense than you might expect.

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