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Legal Fee Saver Inside Tip #4: Unbundled Representation

InsideScoopCrpdCptn“Unbundled representation,” also known as “discrete task” or “limited scope” representation can, in the right circumstances, save divorcing spouses a lot of money.

In the approximately 40 states that permit it, unbundled representation allows divorcing individuals to choose which parts of their case a lawyer will handle.  Tasks that can be easily separated from the rest of a case lend themselves to “unbundling.”

Those tasks include:

  • • Court proceedings such as temporary custody or support hearings and trial
  • • Where permitted, drafting court filings (“ghost-writing”)
  • • Drafting settlement agreements
  • • Providing legal advice and opinions upon request

Why is There so Much Bad Divorce Advice out There?

Larry Sarezky, Esq.

why-is-thereThe good news is there is a wealth of advice about divorce available.

The bad news is there is a wealth of advice about divorce available.

Much of the advice you receive as you move through your divorce will come from friends and family, members of divorce support groups, and thousands of blogs, articles, and official-looking though quite often inaccurate websites.  Advice from these sources is of limited value because it is offered:

  • • With no knowledge, and/or little understanding, of the facts of your case