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How to Interview a Divorce Lawyer – Part II

In Part I of this article, I discussed some questions to ask a lawyer at an initial consultation. Those questions related to the law and how it applies to the facts of your case.

This second part of the article deals with the other questions to be asked. Those questions relate to the lawyer’s credentials and the kind of attorney/client relationship you can expect to have with the lawyer.

Specifically, you want to find out the following:

  1. The lawyer’s experience in the area of family law
  2. Whether and how support staff and other lawyers may be involved in your case

How to Interview a Divorce Lawyer – Part I

Finding an experienced family attorney with whom you “click” dramatically improves your prospects for achieving your divorce goals.

With the possible exception of your current spouse, let’s assume you are a good judge of people. Let’s further assume that you’ve read a blog or 2 on how to choose a divorce lawyer. Finally, let’s assume you’ve listened to your friends bitch endlessly about their lawyers.

All of that should enable you to choose a lawyer for yourself, right?

Not quite.

You need to ask two kinds of questions at an initial interview with a divorce lawyer: